KW Technology.

Welcome to the Commercial Real Estate Revolution.

Big data, big deals, AI, we’re in it all! We provide services and tools to meet our associates’, customers’, and clients’ needs even before they think of them. We are on the leading edge of CRE Tech and the best is yet to come.

Our Progress.

KW Commercial International and KW Realty International built the real estate industry’s first all-encompassing technology platform.

Today, it is being strengthened and secured for a fast-growing, highly competitive, and sensitive industry. We are building the platform that CRE Sales Teams can operate internationally through with the best-in-class software and tools to make us efficient, effective, and able to deliver world-class service to our customers and clients.

What Netflix is to streaming, KW Commercial is to real estate.


Learn More About KW Technology & Innovation.

Commercial Real Estate is about relationships, and that is what our technology prioritizes – people and the relationships that connect us all.

At KW Commercial, we believe technology should simplify everyday life, making room for what truly matters and giving you the freedom to be more human, more present – more everything. We use our technology to strengthen the bonds between people, data, systems, and communication, giving all of our team and their clients market insights beyond comparison.